Socioeconomic Policies Research, Advocacy, Campaign and Stakeholders Engagement`

Socioeconomic Policies Research, Advocacy, Campaign and Stakeholders Engagement

The ACIEDafrica's work around policy research, campaign and advocacy and engagement is to use evidence based information to enhance decisions-making by promoting policy dialogue and win-win strategy that offer all people an equal opportunity to create a sustainable and inclusive business, and facilitate learning around economic, social and environment policies for inclusive growth. The approach by the Centre revolves around three pillars:

i. Knowledge production through practical and skills-based policy training to support the inclusive learning process (carrying out participatory research such as policy analysis and evaluations) Knowledge-sharing through effective engagement with all category of stakeholders (facilitating the exchange of innovative experiences and case studies to support learning process from others’ experiences of achieving policy change in challenging conditions, and;
ii. Capacity-strengthening & advisory services (promoting the collaborative construction of capacity-building activities among stakeholder groups).

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The Centre focuses on systemic change, bearing in mind “inclusivity”: the systems within organizations that must change – shifts in policies and practices that promote fairness, transparency and accountability. Our in-depth Research for Development (R4D) approach delivers an evidence-based and analytically sound case for sectors reform, particularly in shaping public policies and promoting accountability for inclusive growth.
We leverage innovative multimedia technologies to implement policy engagement and advocacy communication strategy that aims to support both governmental and non-governmental institutions to produce, synthesize and communicate successes in policies and programmes in ways that will strengthen their impact especially in working with issues of inclusive growth. ACIEDafrica’s keen interest is to see how government decisions translate into improved and equitable services for all, changed outcomes and better lives for citizens.
We work in collaboration with the partners and institutions as well as other interest groups to monitor and measure the impact of these changes across and in alignment with the Africa Agenda 2063 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - SDG-1&2 (Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger); SDG-3 (Good Health and Wellbeing); SDG-4 (Inclusive and Quality Education); SDG-5 (Gender Equality); SDG-8 (Decent Work and Sustainable Economic Growth); SDG-13 (Action to Combat Climate Change) and; SDG-16 (Peaceful and Inclusive Societies), which most specifically relate to the work ACIEDafrica supports.